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So as sad as this is, I wasn’t even tagged for this post, but as soon as I saw it on SophieChkruga blog, I had to do it. By now, you should all know how I’m Christmas /Autumn/Winter obsessed, anything that involves cold weather makes me very happy! So I had to do this! So here are the questions.

1. Favourite Candles Scent?

Anything with cinnamon and vanilla in. All year round! As long as they’re not too sickly as I’ve had a few that have given me migraines. tartswithaheart.co.uk do some beautiful Autumnal scents, including some fresh ones for the people who don’t like cosy!

2. Coffee, Tea Or Hot Chocolate?

In the day, a lovely cappuccino is perfect. Gives me the cost feeling without feeling tired! At night time I like snuggling up with a blanket and hot chocolate.

3. Your Best Fall Memory?

Halloween! I don’t remember specific dates age, and I wouldn’t necessarily say my favourite but it’s  my first memory to pop up! I had a loopy neighbour who hated Halloween. And I remember walking past his house and he was just peering out the window with all the lights off in his house. Pretty creepy at the time but funny now I’m older.

4. Which Makeup Trend Do You Prefer : Dark Lips Or Winged Eyeliner?

This is a difficult one. I LOVE Winged liner but I’ve sort of gone off it lately. So I’ve been going for the dark lip a lot more this year. BUT in general, I’d say Winged liner.

5. Best Fall Fragrance?

It’s not a perfume, but a scent. It’s the Frosted Apple scent that The Body Shop released last Autumn/Winter and it literally smells incredible. As soon as it starts getting cold or I’m having a crap day, I whip on some of that body butter and it fills me with happy memories and the smell of Autumn/Winter.

6. Favourite Thanksgiving Food (or Autumn Food)

Well we don’t celebrate thanksgiving here in England, but I don’t really think I have a favourite Autumn food specifically. I love pizza.

7. What is Autumn Weather Like Where You Live?

Crisp and a little bitter. You can definitely feel the coldness in the air already, which I love! I put my coat on for the first time in months yesterday! I loved it, a couple of weeks and it’ll be scarf time!

8. Most Worn Sweater?

My Santa one from primark I bought 2 years ago. The comfiest thing ever. I wear it all year round! (partly because of comfort and mostly because it reminds me of Christmas and makes me happy)
And mostly my fellas hoodies!

9. Must Have Nail Polish This Fall?

I haven’t been bothered about any new releases so far, but my favourites are last year’s BarryM Autumn/Winter Tribal collection. They have the most perfect colours that aren’t just Berry.

10. Football Games Or Jumping In Leaf Piles?

I’ve never done either of these! But as soon as I read the question I imagined me, my fella and my son all looking like idiots jumping around in leaves, so I guess that’s my answer!

11. Skinny Jeans or Leggings?

Leggings! I practically live in them anyway, I don’t think that’s going to change. Being 5ft tall I don’t feel like jeans are flattering on me at all.

12. Combat Boots or Uggs?

Both! I used to deteste Uggs(I still do in the light tan colour), but my mum got me a 2 pairs last year and I love them. But I also love my combat boots! Just depends what mood I’m in.

13. Is Pumpkin Spice Worth The Hype?

I’ve never tried one! I remember when I spent thanksgiving in Florida and we were having a thanksgiving dinner, I tried Pumpkin pie and I hated it. I don’t think I’ve tried it since, so I’ve been put off trying Pumpkin again! May do this year, but my closest Starbucks is a 20 min train journey away at Meadowhall/Sheffield so if I do any shopping there, I may try one.

14. Favourite Autumn TV Show?

Not a show, no. But I do love watching Hardy Potter during the colder months. I don’t know why but it’s just made for this time of year!

15. What Song Gets You Into The Fall Spirit?

I don’t think I have one! I have started listening to Michael Bubles Christmas album, so suppose technically that’s my Autumn and Winter soundtrack.

16. Halloween – Yay or Nay?

Yay! Of course! Although since having a little one I can’t go crazy with Halloween I love letting my creative side out with makeup. Although last year my little Lad was brill when we all did zombie makeup (was petty scary looking too, but he helped do it so I think that was what worked!)

17. Fall Mornings or Evenings?

This is a hard one. I love a cold morning being wrapped up and having a coffee sat outside. It’s so lovely. But I don’t think anything can beat a cosy night with blankets, hot water bottles and hot chocolate. And fairy lights and candles! Yes, evening’s.

18. What Do You Think About Black Friday?

We’ve only just introduced Black Friday sales over here in England, but I didn’t get involved. The sales aren’t anything compared to Americans, our stuff still seemed a bit pricey! Definitely wasn’t worth getting trampled on!

19. One Fall 2015 Trend You Love?

Aren’t they the same every year? Can’t say I’ve seen anything different this year from last haha. But my favourite things to wear in winter are big scarves and beanie hats. Especially excited to wear hats this year as my hair as pretty short last year and didn’t like how they looked.

20. Favourite Type Of Pie?

I don’t really have a favourite Autumn pie. I just love anything chocolate or I do love a good warm apple pie. (reminded me of American pie then and grossed me out. Sorry if that reminded you too.)

So that’s it’s guys! I tag everyone! I could really read these posts all day!


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