Perfect Brows, Plump Lips & Autumn Eyes.


Who doesn’t want all them? Well with W7 Cosmetics you can get them and cheap! They sent me a lovely little package to review and after loving their eyeshadow palettes (dupes to the Naked Palettes for under £5!) I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed with these products.


First up the Brow Parlour. I love this so much! You get an eyebrow wax, highlighter, 2 eyebrow shades, a mini tweezer and a spookiest and angled brush duo. Now, negatives out the way, the Brow colours are very warm toned and they’re probably a little dark for lighter haired girls. But that aside, when applied they don’t look too warm toned at all. They shadows themselves are highly pigmented and the thing I love about it most, they apply to skin amazingly and stay there all day. I’ve actually preferred using this over my Illamasqua Precision Gel! This is only £4.49 (depending where you buy)


Now, I’m not a huge fan of lip gloss, I prefer matte any day so I was a bit weary I wouldn’t like this just for being gloss,but I happen to really like this! It’s not sticky, smells like mint and after a few minutes starts to fell like lip balm but still looks glossy. It doesn’t give an amazing Plump, but I did notice a difference! (couldn’t find a price for this)


Now the last couple of things I received was Pearl Eyes eyeshadow sticks. I got them in the shades Miami, a gorgeous bright silver, going to be gorgeous for Christmas and Easy Does It, a lovely bronze, copper shade. I’ll be using this a lot over Autumn, it’s perfect! These blend out super easy for a bit of colour alone on the lid, work as a base and stay crease free. These are £2.99 each (depends on where you buy them).

I’m hoping I’m starting to turn some of you pot to use cheaper brands as they can be just as good as high end, the more I use this brand, the more I fall in love with it!


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