Lush Hair Extensions


Keeping on the theme of hair products, I’m blogging about Lush Hair Extensions today. This will be a little introductory post, a little about the company and what extentions I have and my plan with them!

So they sent me Blonde Deluxe Clip In Hair Extensions. The double wetted sets have been hand sewn together which are double the thickness of their standard full head sets but still use the same amount of pieces and clips. These not only add length but also add more volume too. They are also made from 100% human hair.

Now the set I have includes :
1×8″ with 4 clips
2×6″ with 3 clips
2×4″ with 2 clips
1×3″ with 2 clips
2×2″ with 1 clip


The hair feels incredible! So ridiculously soft to touch, you can instantly tell it’s amazing quality.
The clips are sturdy and sewn in well, very very with them (although I’m probably going to have to change them as I’m a darkish brown now, but my fault not theirs).


Now I bet you’re all thinking why I’ve got blonde extentions! Well I’m going to dye them, I’m such an odd colour at the moment that there’s no extentions to suit. I’m sort of a brown/red/purple, so I’ll be doing a post on how to dye them in a few weeks.


They also sent me this amazing brush, which I absolutely adore. One of my biggest fears (especially when I’m out) is brushing my hair with extentions in. I’m scared of ripping them out or moving them and making them obvious. This solves all problems! No tugging, ripping hair out, anything! And works perfectly on normal hair too!

Make sure to go to their site, they’re so affordable and amazing quality.

Lush Hair Extensions

Thanks for reading, make sure to keep an eye out for my blog post on how tondye/results and I’ll be doing an Autumn hair style post with these bad boys!


8 thoughts on “Lush Hair Extensions

  1. I love lush hair extensions! They are such good quality and so natural looking. The only think I found with them was that they didn’t last me very long. Probably about 3/4 months, when compared to my bellamis which lasted almost a year. But I have to say I find myself going back to lush quite a lot because of how great the service is and how quickly they arrive! They have such a big range of colours too. Great post! Xxx

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    1. They really feel and look amazing! And that’s a shame really, it is quite pricey if you have to keep buying them that often. I haven’t had the chance to properly try them yet as I’m still having trouble matching the colours! Thanks so much for reading ❤

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    1. Haha I can imagine, I bet that looked incredible! And yes, bright colours (including red) are soo hard to get rid of, that’s why I’m having a tough time matching them! But it’s so hard to keep up with having bright colours, so much maintenance! Thanks so much for reading ❤


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