Easy Overnight Curls!


When people wake up with incredible hair, I’ve always been so jealous. Seriously, mine is just a mess. Not curly, not straight, just a massive birds nest of in between. So when I got the chance to try this product I was super excited. I could finally be one of those girls πŸ˜‰


As you can see its like one massive headband curler. I was a bit worried I’d struggle to sleep with this one, but it’s really spongy, so it’s not half as bad as what you think.

So how to use this? You but it round your head, with the fabric in your forehead. Part your hair and wrap the hair round from each side till you get an odd looking hairstyle! (again, I scared the fella with this haha, wasn’t most flattering on me) and you’re done!

Not going to lie, I had a massive brain fart when using this the first handful of times, completely misunderstood the instructions and was wondering why my hair wasn’t looking like it was on the box! So make sure to read them properly!

But when I finally figured it out, the results were so much more like they looked on the box! I was going to take a photo but I haven’t got it off to a t (especially taking it out, I struggle with doing it properly) so the results will have to wait till I do a YouTube video πŸ™‚

Overall I recommend this product massively. The amount of time it can take out of curling your hair every day is incredible. It’s very easy to use (unless you have my IQ, then it takes me a bit longer haha).

There’s only one fault with this, you have to use it when your roots are dry and the rest is 80% dry. With me having a little lad, I don’t go in the bath till night and I can’t be using the blow dryer unless I wake him up. So it’s hard for me personally to time it right so I can use it. Also, I try not to wash my hair everyday, so I can only use it a few days a week (but all this is personal to me and probably won’t matter to a lot of you :))

Overall, it’s a brilliant product and if you want to purchase it you can buy it here PrettyOnTheOutside where’s there’s plenty more amazing beauty products and clever gadgets.

Thanks so much for reading!


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