GoldCrush Hair Vitamins 1 Month Update


So as promised, my 1 Month Update of this wonderful product!

From my last blog post, you’ll know just how excited I was to try these and they haven’t disappointed.

My hair is growing rather rapidly! I usually dye my hair every two weeks and that’s only to restore colour, but my roots have come through so quick I’ve had to do it every week!

I’ve also noticed a massive difference in my skin and nails. My nails are quite weak, especially my middle finger and they’ve definitely got a bit of strength behind them now. I haven’t noticed anything looks wise because they’re constantly polished, but they’re definitely stronger.

With my skin, I’ve not had a single breakout and I’ve also noticed my skin has even out a little. The one thing I hate is having uneven skin, but this is really helping with that.

The only thing I don’t like about these tablets is the taste. I’m not good with taking tablets anyway, I’ve always hates them since I was little, so the taste does make it a bit harder for them to go down, but that’s literally my only downside.

I’m excited to start month 2 and can’t wait to see more results. Don’t forget to check back in another month for the 2 month update. Thanks so much for reading!


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