Essence Gel Nail Polish


The last of my essence reviews! I’ve really enjoyed exploring more into this brand and I’ll definitely be purchasing more than just their polish from now on. Even though I’ve tried their polish before, I’ve not tried their gel range. And yet again I was pleasantly surprised!

I received the base coat, top coat and the colour I Don’t Care and was excited to see how long these babies can last! There’s no downside (except the colour isn’t one I’d normally go for), the formula is amazing. They all dry super super quick and give a gorgeous shine, enough to rival Seche Vite!

So how long did it last? I was on the 8th day when I took it off. It only had a little tip wear (that’s probably because I didn’t top coat the edges, so my fault). Which to me is amazing! I didn’t have one chip at all. The nail polish itself applied like a dream, I use two coats as I do with every polish, and didn’t streak. The brushes are amazing, although slightly big for my teeny tiny nail beds (I think they’re almost the same as my 3 year olds!) but for an average person, the brush is amazing and so easy to work with.

I couldn’t find the price at Wilkos for the base and top coat, but I think it’s around £2.50 each. And their polishes are £1.60 a bottle! All available from Wilkos. I can’t recommend Essence as a brand enough. From what I’ve tried, I’ve not been disappointed by one single item.

Thanks so much for reading, is there any other Essence products I should look into trying? There’s so many to choose from! ❤


9 thoughts on “Essence Gel Nail Polish

  1. i like this brand but i also bought a huge set of the gel nail polish with the UV light and it did not work for me, I’ve tried it several times and the quality is really poor. Ive changed to sally hansen gel nails,…..more expensive but worth it! 🙂

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