Too Good To Be True? £1.59 Makeup Brushes


I found these brushes on eBay and couldn’t believe the price. In all honesty I thought they’d be a pile of crap. But for £1.59,there was almost nothing to lose! So are they good? Yes! They’re incredibly soft, they blend eyeshadow like a dream. They come in variety of colours but when I came to order they only had the pink ones left.

I’ve used them and washed them a few times and there’s no hair fallout at all. They keep their structure, they’re just a really good set of brushes! I use some for eyeshadow blending, highlight and even blush when my other brushes have been dirty. They apply and blend so well!

They’re not the best quality looks wise, as you can tell there’s a couple of hairs poking out the handles but that’s really their only flaw. Just search makeup brushes in eBay and these are some of the first to pop up. They did take a while coming from China (about 3/4 weeks)  but they’re worth the wait!
Here’s the link to the brushes… here

Thanks for reading! ❤


15 thoughts on “Too Good To Be True? £1.59 Makeup Brushes

  1. I found great ebay dupes for Sigma’s brushes! I love their kabuki line, so I was floored when I saw exact copies of them. Synthetic kabuki brush set and it’s so cheap but great quality. Check it out! Thanks for the review 😀

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