My New Favourite Mascara!


I’m always on the hunt for a new mascara, my favourite since last year has been the Boujouir Volume Glamour Max Holidays. It gives crazy volume without being clumpy, it’s amazing! But after receiving a package of Essence stuff to review I think I’ve found my new favourite!

Its the Essence Lash princess and it’s just £3.30 from Wilkos. When I put up a picture of this on Instagram I had a few people telling me it’s their favourite too, so I was so excited to use it. I only knew Essence for mainly nail polish and their lip liners (I have a review coming up on those too!), but I’d never heard anything about their mascara. And I now realise I’ve been overpaying for mascara after coming across this little miracle.


It’s a voluminsing one with a big wand, so if you’re not into that or prefer the smaller plastic wands, I don’t think this will be your cup of tea. But for me, the bigger the wand the better! I want as much volume as I can get on my eyelashes (without it looking clumpy of course). So this brush was perfection, as soon as I saw the brush I knew I was on to a winner. And how cute and pretty is the packaging? 

I will be definitely be purchasing this again, no doubt at all. Not to say I won’t keep looking for new mascaras though 😉 my secret obsession! Thanks for reading ❤


22 thoughts on “My New Favourite Mascara!

  1. I’ve never bought anything from this brand before but I think you’ve persuaded me with this! 🙂 I LOVE big mascara wands too so this might be amazing. Can’t wait to check it out when I go into town next week, thanks for the recommendation! x

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