Wax Magik Beanz Review

Who doesn’t love a good smelling house?! I’m ridiculously obsessed with candles, wax melts, anything to make the place smell nice, fresh and relaxing. So I was lucky enough to be able to try these Baby Powder scented Magik Beanz!


These are sold by Busy Bee Lucy over on instagram, check out here page here. She does an amazing amount of scents! 250 to be exact! I think the Magik Beanz are such a clever and cute idea and just a couple of these lasted me over 2 hours. Each pot contains approximately 15 beans and burns for around 20 hours. The whole downstairs of the house smelt amazing, they’re such good quality. If you’re unsure on how to use these, pop them in a tart burner(pictured below) with a candle underneath and you’re good to go! The little sample was the cutest thing ever and smells so delicious, I’ll definitely be making an order!


So please guys make sure you check her instagram, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Thankyou for reading!


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