Candylipz Lip Plumper


First things first, I love this product! Not going to lie, before the Kylie Jenner lip challenge was big, I did suck on a candle lid to see what would happen. Yes that embarrassing to admit, but now I can do it safely with Candylipz and get amazing results! (and never have to admit again that I’ve sucked on a candle lid).

Anyway, that aside, let’s crack on with the review. I want to point out that Candylipz is the first cosmetic lip enhancement beauty tool, clinically proven to increase lip volume and is 100% safe to use. So no worrying about damaging those lips. It has won 10 prestigious awards! So I was quite happy for this little creation to suck on my lips!


This is what Candylipz looks like opened and where the magic happens. It also comes with a jelly mouth cushion and a blocker (so you can do one lip at a time).




I highly recommend using the Jelly Cushion, makes using Candylipz so much easier. All you do to use Candylipz, is place your mouth in the top and squeeze. There’s nothing painful about it, but there is a lot of pressure,which obviously is expected.

So before you start going crazy and using this every 2 hours, there’s a conditioning period first. It last 10 days of specific usage to make sure you get the best results and no bruising after the 10 days. I have to admit it’s hard! I wanted to use this all the time after seeing my results, but so worth it! I did get a lot of bruising after the first couple of uses, but after that the bruising went down and now I don’t get any whatsoever.

So here are my results…


Before using Candylipz, only wearing lip balm here.


And after 4 minutes. Again I put a bit of lip balm on. Now there’s no bruising at all here, they’re just a little red and I literally took them straight out and took a photo.

The difference is crazy. And the thing I LOVE about Candylipz is they don’t look like crazy duck lips. These results after regular use can last up to 4 hours, which means no more overdrawn lips and being scared that people are going to notice!

You can buy these in 4 different varieties, depending on the look you want and the size of your lips.

Check out their site at UK Candylipz, there’s more information there on conditioning and how to use etc and use my code CL07 for 5% off. They cost £44.99 which is an absolute steal.

Thanks for reading! 💏❤


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