Doll White Whitening Strips Review


I’ve seen a lot of celebrities advertising this product, so when I was picked to try it I was pretty excited. After the last lot of teeth whitening not giving me the results I wanted I was hoping these would!

I received a 7 day pack (which they don’t sell, they start at 14 I think) but was told I’d still see results. They’re like the Crest Whitening strips, very comfortable to wear and don’t dribble a lot! But I didn’t see any results, sort of. Well it’s strange actually. When I’m wearing the strip they look incredibly white, like at least 4 shades whiter. But once I wake up (I do them at night because I’ve got my lad in the day and I require having to say No a lot!) they’re back to their original shade. I don’t get it.

I checked their site to see if these were one of the products that was temporary (for parties etc) that give a quick whiten. But I couldn’t find any information like that. They do sell them in a rather large quantity so I’m maybe thinking they are? I don’t know, either way I’m not after a temporary whitener, I’d quite like permanent.

Overall I’m not too sure what to think. If they are temporary, they certainly do their job. But if they’re not, them I’m afraid I wouldn’t be happy paying for these. I am a smoker and I take that into consideration every time I use a Whitening product, but if it’s able to change my shade whilst the strips are on and a little while after, then surely they should stay like that?

Has anyone else tried these? I’d love to know ❤


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