Eye CANDY London Gel Wrap System Review


So as a nail polish addict, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these! Now, when my nails are long, I change my polish almost everyday. My instagram started off as a nail art account, but slowly moved to beauty. But I’ve recently just cut all my nails down so they can grow back healthy. They’re tiny little nubs atm. So these couldn’t come more in handy whilst I’m trying to grow them, I didn’t want to change polish daily, just have healthy long nails.


You get a Base coat and a top coat, you use a Polish of your choice for the colour. They claim upto 14 days no chips and peeling and cost £10.99 for the pack. There’s no need to use a lamp and come off with regular nail polish remover, so no soaking or damaging nails.

Did it work? Yes, but I only got about 8 or 9days before chips started appearing. Which in reality is amazing. I personally wouldn’t want a Polish on for that long, I think a week would easily do me. I am going to retry these, just in case I did something wrong but I definitely want to give it another go. The finish of the topcoat is lovely to, super glossy and shiny and is touch dry in under 1 minute.

For the price I think it’s really good, let alone it being gel, to get a good Base coat and good topcoat for that price is amazing. Let alone it being longlasting. They’re avaliable from Boots, Tesco, Bodycare and Amazon. I’ll be posting an update if I get different results so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for reading! ❤


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