The Miracle Multi Task Product!


I just want to start off with this stuff is amazing! When I first received it, I literally couldn’t wait to try it out. It’s the 100% Natural Australian Jojoba oil. It’s suitable for hair, lips, face, cuticles body and hair. It tackles so many problems such as Acne, Eczema, dry and split hair, brittle and dry nails, cold sores and can even be used in babies for nappy rash and cradle cap. It sounded so amazing!

So does it work? As a sufferer of incredibly dry skin on my face, I’m always looking for products to help keep it at bay. This certainly does the job. I was a bit wary about putting oil on my face, even though I’m not oily, I don’t like the sensation of an oily feeling. Sort of like my nails on a chalkboard. But it doesn’t do that. It leaves the skin feeling like silk. Just make sure to apply it to a wet face so it can sink in quicker. Same goes with the nails and cuticles, sinks in so quick and leaves them feeling so silky.

Now on with the hair. My hair gets ridiculously greasy so quick. I can wash it at night and the next morning it can be greasy. So I was a bit hesitant to add more. But keeping it away from the roots, left my hair feeling so so soft.

Now this is avaliable from £12.99 for a 30ml or 85ml for £19.99. I think the price is incredible for amount of stuff this little bottle can tackle. You can buy it here.

Have any of you used Jojoba oil before? Let me know! Thankyou for reading ❤


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