Forza Diet Multi vitamin


So, I’ve not been happy with my body for a while and wanted to diet. So luck must have it I was chosen to review these pills! Something to push me into it rather than keep saying ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’.

Now, before I start with the review, I must point out these are designed to be used with exercise and diet, these taken on their own won’t make you lose weight. They’re designed for low calorie diets, to make sure you’re still getting all the vitamins you need.

So the pack I received contains 30 tablets. You take one capsule a day, preferably on a full stomach. They contain 13 vitamins in total including:- Calcium to support bone health
                    Iron for proper red blood cell formation
                    Zinc for normal hair, skin and nails
                    Vitamin D for the immune system
                     Six different B vitamin to contribute to normal energy release to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
These tablets are also suitable for vegetarians.

So I’ve been on a low calorie diet for 2 weeks now using these tablets and they are great! I’ve been on low calorie diets before and by the time my son goes to bed I’m ready to follow. Getting up in the morning is also hard as I always lack energy. But taking these has been wonderful. I didn’t feel tired, if anything I felt better. On a daily basis I’m probably not getting all my daily vitamins as it is, so my body was very grateful for these! I feel so much more awake in the morning and it doesn’t stop through the day.

I usually take mine after breakfast and that’s it, I’m done! Before when I was on a low calorie diet, exercise was the hardest thing for me to do. I’ve never ever liked exercising, but these gave me the energy to just get it over and done with. Whereas before I’d probably just lower my intake more to make up for lack of exercise (which I do not recommend and doesn’t work!)


This box also comes with a wonderful little booklet which includes healthy recipes, a journal to write down you’re daily intake of food and exercise tips. It’s so useful to have around & it’s handbag friendly so you can keep track of your intake whilst on the go.

These tablets only cost £7.49, which to me is a bargain and I’ll definitely be purchasing these once I run out. There’s nothing worse than not having the foods you crave and feeling rubbish on top of that. I was so surprised to see the price of these, I assumed they cost a lot more.
Check out Forzas website here, they do a wide variety of diet products and such good prices.

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts! ❤


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