InstaNatural Stetchmark & Scar Cream


So I was sent this from InstaNatural and I was super excited as the gel formulation I tried out worked wonders. This is even better!

For one the smell is so much better than the gel, it smells gorgeous. It doesn’t leave a sticky feeling, just sinks right into the skin. It leaves skin feeling ridiculously soft! Within just 3 days of using this I started to notice a difference. It really does work! Even on really deep stretch marks, they smooth them out and start to fade them out. I mean stretch marks are never going to fully disappear, but this cream really does help in changing colour and helping them fade.

You get such a big tub as well, so for the money it’s going to last ages! Remember to check them out on amazon, they have so many products to choose from, their line is amazing!

Thanks for reading! ❤


4 thoughts on “InstaNatural Stetchmark & Scar Cream

    1. In all honesty I think they’re pretty much the same! They both have great results, it’s just down to preference on cream or oil 🙂 this works better on newer scars, but it’ll fade old ones 🙂 hope this helps! ❤

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