iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening


I was sent this to trial and was so happy to get my hands on it! I’ve recently tried out the 3D Crest Whitening strips and for the price wasn’t really impressed. So with this being more affordable and easier to get hold of (avaliable in boots) I was super excited.

Now, I do smoke and I drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks, so it’s definitely taken its toll on my teeth and the staining is a lot harder to shift than normal straining. I’ve tried so many whitening products it’s crazy, but none leaving any results. I take good care of try teeth, brush regular etc but they really aren’t white at all.

So let’s get down to this product! It will be available in boots for £29.99 and there are 10 gum shields pre filled with gel . It’s completely safe and hydrogen peroxide free. They claim it makes teeth upto 8 shades lighter with one application. You stick the shield on the teeth leave for 20mins and you’re done! Quick and easy. iWhite can be used for 5 consecutive days or once whenever necessary.

Now for my results. I was pleasantly surprised! The first time I used it, there wasn’t a massive difference, but it did remove a lot of staining. If say it made my teeth one shade lighter too. They looked better but not a dramatic difference. But like I said, I’m a long term smoker and coffee drinker and the results to vary from person to person. I’ve now used it a couple of times and my teeth are coming considerably whiter, so I can’t wait to see what the next few applications do!

Overall I’m very happy, it’s so good to see a difference happening for such a low price and easily avaliable too. I’ll definitely be buying this in the future as I know it works and I’ll want to keep it topped up. Thank you for reading! ❤


11 thoughts on “iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening

  1. Oh, I tried these last summer and felt the same way. I drink alot of coffee and my teeth are genetically yellow toned (the horror) so they did help. But the result didn’t last that long. Your post does remind me to go buy me a new set and freshen up them pearly whites v:)


  2. So excited to see your updates on this whitener! I just got my braces off a few months ago, and I received whitening samples from Colgate to put in my retainer, but I don’t think they’re working!x

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