Louise MacJewels


So the lovely Louise at Louise_macalister_jewels sent me a few peices of jewellery to blog about. They looked amazing on photos but are simply stunning in person. I was sent a dot ear stud and a dot ear cuff and they are gorgeous. Each peice is individually handmade so each one is unique. I’ve not done justice with these photos but I did try!




Aren’t they amazing?! They’re so perfect for the summer season, but in all honesty I think they’re just as perfect for winter. These would look gorgeous in winter with hair up and would steal the show from the entire look. They are very sturdy and very well made and for the price is an absolute steal. I always love handmade stuff, you know the effort has gone into every single peice.

Now, Louise has got a busy summer coming up! She heading off the festivals which I will link below, so if your going to one of these, make sure to check out her stall at the Secret Market Emporium Tent. She does so many more wonderful peices of jewellery and has 2 collections to choose from, enough to suit anyone. Go visit her Etsy shop here and have a look. They’ll blow you away!

The festivals she’ll be at are –
Secret Emporium
Secret Garden Party
Festival Number 6

I can tell her business is going to do amazing so grab them whilst you can!

Thanks for reading guys, don’t forget to check out Louises instagram linked at the top of the post ❤


11 thoughts on “Louise MacJewels

      1. YOURS?! No way! Mine!!! I cant do a cat eye for the life of me, and because I have shaky hands Im lucky when I can get a straight line across LOL. What eyeliner do you use?

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      2. I get shaky when I put too much thought into it haha. It’s a bugger eh! I use Maybeline gel eyeliner, I find its more forgiving than liquid! Depends how brave I’m feeling but it’s usually gel 🙂

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      3. I have gel and I find it never makes the line dark enough! I need to go home after work, and check what brand of it I have. Now your making me think Hmm..

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