Love/Hate Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Agirlwithpinkcheeks to do the love/Hate tag. If you’re not already following her, please do! Her posts are amazing and her photos are stunning ❤All you do is list 10 things you love and 10 you hate and tag other bloggers, so let’s get started!



1. My son and fiance.
2. Christmas.
3. A Clockwork Orange
4. Candles! (now tarts too)
5. Watching all the Harry Potters on a winters night.
6. Funny/weird tattoos. I have quite a few including an angry muffin and the quote ‘If found face down call an ambulance’ on my back.
6. I love reading about black holes, time travel, parallel world’s etc. It’s so so interesting knowing what might be out there.
7. I have such an interest in Buddhism. I’m atheist myself, but I adore the culture and teaching of Buddhism.
8. I have a strange addiction to weird/disturbing films. I’ve seen some weird ones in my time including A Serbian Film and Antichrist. Anyone have any suggestions, let me know!
9. Tarsiers and ferrets are literally the cutest animals in the entire world!
10. Snow. When it snows, not a thing can bring me down, it’s an instant pick me up! Shame it’s quite rare here in England.


1. Humans! People who can harm children/animals etc, humans are very cruel creatures.
2. Zombies. This is a sort of love hate in all honesty. I love watching zombie films/series  because they scare the shit out of me (not many films do) but I’m also extremely terrified of them (I know they’re not real but still!)
3. Summer! I cannot stand hot weather, if I could go and live somewhere where it was cold all the time, that’d be my dream come true!
4. Which leads me on to wasps and bumble bees. They scare me so much, I’ve even broke a phone because a bee flew past me. Little sods.
5. When snow gets icy. I love the soft stuff but when it freezes I’m not a happy bunny. My idea of fun is not falling on my arse every 2 seconds and making a fool out of myself.
6. Walking on floors with bare feet. Eee I just hate it!
7. My neck being touched. Ew I just can’t stand it.
8. The smell of petrol! Makes me feel so sick.
9. Being so short. I’m just under 5ft and 23. I don’t have a valid passport (out of date) so I have to send my fiance to buy fags/alcohol because they always ask for Id. I’m 5 years older than our age restriction!
10. Touching a wet shower curtain. It’s just yucky.

I tag-
1.Laura Bruj
2.Cursed With An Expensive Taste

Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a little better and I enjoyed reading this rather than reviews! ❤


11 thoughts on “Love/Hate Tag

  1. Haha! I hate icy snow too: I feel like Bambi (but he had 4 legs, I have only 2 so it’s worse) 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment 😉

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