Top 5 under £5


Makeup can be pretty expensive but every now and again you come across some little gems that can match high end products. These are mine!

First of all the MUA Spring Break Palette. In all honesty, any of their palettes are amazing. But I love this particular one the most. Got great pigmentation, blends super easy, especially the matte colours and the colours are gorgeous! Definitely worth snapping up. This is £4.

Next up keeping with MUA is the Pro Base Prime and Conceal. I love this so much. The colour I use mainly is the purple, it’s such a good colour to lighten the face and under eyes. This is £4 too!

Next up Makeup Revolution single eyeshadow in Touch Me. This colour is just perfect for me. It’s enough to brighten the eyes on its own to remove oil on the lid, use as a matte Base for other eyeshadow and even use as a matte highlight in the bridge of my nose. For £1 this is an absolute must and I’ll be stocking up on this soon enough.

Maybeline Color Tattoo. All of these are gorgeous and perfect as an eyeshadow Base. They do not budge. The shades they come in are all gorgeous and well worth the money. These are £4.99 but usually Maybeline always has offers on, I picked these up got buy one get one half price.

Last up a teeny tiny MUA eyebrow brush. It’s the cutest thing! This is a recent purchase and knew as soon as I got it I’d love it. This is perfect for creating the perfect, defined brow and adding in tiny hairs. And for £1.50 is a steal!

If you’re on a budget or just want to get the most for your money, you’ll not find a better brand than MUA or Makeup Revolution. It was hard not to choose everything from there because honestly there’s no beating them! ❤


18 thoughts on “Top 5 under £5

      1. It’s my next thing to look at doing, as I’d like to do the contouring correctly. I’ll look at getting the brow brush and also look at Make Up Revolution heard bout that brand but never brought anything 🙂
        Good blog 😊 please take a look at mine?? Xxx

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