June Favourites ❤

So it’s that time where almost another month has flown by and I tell you what I’ve been loving over the past month. So let’s get started!


I’ve bought quite a lot of new items this month and I have to say drugstore has definitely won.

The first item is St Moriz instant self tanning mousse. I used to use this so much and have just recently got back I to self tanning again. I swear by this stuff, gives a gorgeous brown tan, it’s even hard to make this tan streaky. It lasts for days before you have to reapply, it looks so natural. And it’s only £4!

Next up a new makeup sponge on the market. This is by Eliimo and it’s their Perfecting Finish Sponge. I adore this. I’ve recently purchased the Real Techniques one, which I was going to include in my favourites, but this blew it out the water. It’s amazing, gives full coverage (if you desire) and leaves skin looking natural. And it’s only £11.95! Available on amazon. I’ve just wrote a review on this in more detail and links if you want to take a look!

I don’t think anybody will be surprised by my next entry, Makeup Revolution. Their Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit. This stuff is amazing. I bought it in the shade Ultra Fair and even though I’m tanned, still is the perfect shade for Contour. It’s only £3.50 which is an absolute steal.

This product I’ve wanted for ages! Makeup Gallery Pro Liquid Eyeliner. It’s from the poundshop, they have their own range and this is by far my most favourite item of theirs. It’s super super black, dries matte and the brush is perfect for getting a nice sharp wing. By far the best I’ve ever tried.

Last of the makeup is an MUA Matte lipstick in Pouty Pink. Now from what I’ve tried of the matte line, they aren’t that pigmented. But for this lipstick it seems to be in its favour. It gives such a gorgeous colour, not too strong and it goes with near enough any makeup look I do. This is actually my favourite lipstick out all the MUA ones I own! Did I say it’s only £1?!

This one is an accessory. It’s a necklace from @daisysplacejewellery. I was lucky enough to win this in a giveaway, isn’t it gorgeous! I’ve barley taken it off! It’s a good sturdy necklace and us just beautiful. Go check out their Instagram.

Now just a couple of extras as always!
Song of the month is Bastille Laura Palmer. Seriously can’t get enough of this band ever. And luckily for me it’s my sons favourite band too (he’s only 3 bless him, loves a good rocking out!)

And a little extra, Breaking Bad. I’m a little late on this band wagon, but I’m sort of glad so I can binge watch rather than waiting for an episode every week. But it’s an amazing show!

Thanks for reading guys! ❤


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