Big MUA/ Makeup Revolution Haul❤

I’ve been doing a little online shopping! It’s unusual for me to do this, I like to swatch and see before I buy! But unfortunately the things I wanted (mainly with makeup revolution) aren’t avaliable in my local Superdrug, so I had to!

Let’s start with a little MUA first. I’m not one to complain, but their website drove me insane! My basket kept emptying itself, it kept logging me out, adding 3x 1 item, it took me over an hour to order these products! But they’ve said they fixed it, so hopefully won’t happen to anybody else. Their delivery was super quick though! I ordered Sunday night and received them Tuesday afternoon! Was so happy!


Let’s start with the palettes. I’ve been dying to get my hands on the Spring Break palette. In all honesty it was purely for Sea Foam (the green) but now I’ve had a closer look I’m so so so excited to experiment with this! This and most palettes cost £4.

Next palette is Undress Me Too. I can never ever have enough neutrals. I feel like I have to own every single shade of brown avaliable! I’m excited to use this!

I chose a couple of brushes, which besides Spring Break, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. The eyeliner brush (e4) especially. It’s so so tiny, I’ve only ever see high end brands do these sort of brushes. So I jumped at the chance! This will be so perfect for gel eyeliner. I’m not the best with application, I’ve yet to find a brush I’m in love with for eyeliner but I have a feeling this will be it!

Now the little teeny angled brush(e7). Isn’t everything tiny just so cute?! I’m planning on using this for the eyebrows mainly (maybe eyeliner) as it’s so tiny I’ll be able to draw in every single hair and be super sharp with the application. Both the eyeliner and angled brush was only £1.50 each and feel super super soft!

Last up is another lipstick. This is shade 7. I’m a little disappointed with this. The colour is gorgeous but has glitter running through it. I’m not a fan of that. It’s just too sparkly on the lips! I’ll have a play around and see if I can get on with it, I’m not too sure though to be honest. At least it was only £1!


Now with the Makeup Revolution. You all should know by now how much I adore this brand. So so cheap with amazing quality.

I’ll start with the palettes again. I got all 4 for £8 which is the biggest bargain I think I’ve got! You get two eyeshadow palettes and the other two have highlight, bronzer, blush and eyeshadow. Everything you need! So I’m super stoked to get these!

They had a little sale on so picked up a pure pigment in Levity. This is a dream! It’s purple, a shade which I’m favouring at the minute, and to put this over any purple shadow will look incredible. And it was only 50p!

I picked another lipstick up in the shade Dusky. It’s a gorgeous colour, slightly more pink than anticipated, but that’s what you get for shopping online!

I also picked up a blending brush. You can never have too many! It’s really soft but firm, I think this will be a go to brush! And like the mua ones, only £1.50.

Last up the lip liners, I’ll not bore you with every name, but these were on offer too. They’re £1 each, but if you bought all 8, you received £2 off. For such an amazing quality at less than £1 a lip liner is incredible.

I hope you liked my haul anyway guys, what have you picked up recently? ❤


9 thoughts on “Big MUA/ Makeup Revolution Haul❤

  1. Makeup Revolutions eyeshadow palettes are one of my favourites, especially since they’re a bargain at around £4! Great haul, I really need to check out more of MUA’s stuff soon, never realised they had there own website either!x

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