Eliimo Perfecting Finish Sponge


I was lucky enough to win this beauty in a giveaway and I literally couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! I was lucky to have it hand delivered to me also, which was the sweetest thing. Little things like that,  with people going out of their way means so much. Happily a business I would purchase from again.

So let’s get on with the product! The packaging it came in was gorgeous, the box is lovely and the sponge comes in a little drawstring bag. Which is a really nice and practical touch. Once it’s dried out I store it in there to prevent it from it from getting dirty.

When damp, it doubles in size. It feels ridiculously soft and I instantly know this will give the perfect application. Which it does. It blends my foundation like a dream! I like full coverage when it comes to foundation, without the cakeiness (that even a word?). This gives the perfect coverage without it looking cakey. It makes my skin look airbrushed. I seriously couldn’t praise it more.

I haven’t tried the original beauty blender, but I have tried the Real Techniques sponge and as much as I love that, this one is so much better. The Real Techniques does give a flawless finish, but can leave it looking a little cakey after an hour or so wear.

This is avaliable on amazing for £11.95 which to me is a steal. Find them on Instagram here.

Thanks for reading! ❤


7 thoughts on “Eliimo Perfecting Finish Sponge

      1. Just clean it every single day, and that’s how youll get the most uses out of it! I either clean mine with Antibacterial soap, or whatever shampoo I have in my shower. Just make sure you ring it really well, and let it air dry =) xo


      2. Baby shampoo?! I should try that! & no thank you xoxoxo love learning different things & tips.


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