AA Skincare Refreshing Eye Gel Review


When I received this package I was so happy! This stuff is perfect for the summer (if we ever have it in the England!). It’s by Amphora Aromatics and contains Seaweed And Aloe. It’s for all skin types, even sensitive and can also be used as a makeup remover.

Right let’s get on with it, I use this to remove under eye makeup. It’s perfect and feels so refreshing! Removes makeup without any effort, shove a bit on, wipe off with a cotton pad and you’re done! No messing around! It has a slight smell, refreshing, clean smell that’s not at all overwhelming.

When I’m having a makeup free day, I use put a little in under the eyes and pat in. Makes my eyes feel so much more awake! This would definitely be a must for a festival kit, on holiday or at the end of a big shopping trip! After partying and staying up all night, shove a bit of this on and it’s like an instant pick me up for the eyes. It can also be used as afters, the perfect thing to take to the beach and give your eyes that much needed cooling. This little guy is definitely staying in my handbag, I can’t be without it!

And the best bit? This is only £6.95 for a 50ml tub. It’s just so affordable and amazing value for money.

Check out this and other products on their website here www.amphora-aromatics.com


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