Beauty Must Haves

I’ve been on a couple of shopping trips recently and have discovered some items I couldn’t now live without! Everything I do my makeup, these are the items I go to straight away! So let’s get started.


MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal palette. I’ve used this every single day since I’ve bought it. Honestly when I swatched this, I thought they seemed greasy, but they’re not. They sit of the face perfectly! The colours work perfect with the skin to cover up any discolouration and for £4 is an absolute steal! Using the purple under my eyes with concealer on top, gives such a natural highlight, I look so awake!

Next is the MUA 5th birthday palette. This was my first palette from this brand and I’ve got to say I adore it! The colours and finishes in this can give such a variety of looks, you’ll never get bored with it. I’m not too sure if this is still available as it’s a limited edition, but if it is, don’t hesitate on getting your hands on it!

Makeup Gallery Pro Liquid Eyeliner. I’d read quite a few good reviews on this and had to have my hands on it. Honestly, I’m not a fan of liquid eyeliner. I hate getting it on my lashes, it messes up my mascara so bad! I usually stick with gel, but I really wanted to try this. And I’m so glad I did! The brush is so tiny and flexible, you can create the perfect sharp wing with it. It dried matte, lasts all day and doesn’t move! It’s the best liquid liner I’ve ever used and it’s only £1!

I’ve really been needing a Micellar Water! The last one I used I loved, but getting it in my eye stung like no other. So I decided on the L’Oréal Skin Perfection one. I love this so much, I’ve almost got through a bottle in a few weeks! I’m definitely going to repurchase this again. It seems to be helping my skin, removes makeup like an absolute breeze and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight. I adore this.

Last up is not a new purchase but something good I always reach for! BarryM Huckleberry. This is my go to polish, I think it’s very flattering and such a unique colour. I’ll be on my third bottle soon! If you’re going you get any BarryM polishes and love your pastels pick up this and Rosehip. You’ll be thanking me 😉

Thanks for reading as always ❤


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