Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt And Contour Kit


I didn’t think I’d find a better budget bronzer for contouring than the Myleene Klass Bronzer Palette I recently blogged about. But I have!

This is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt And Contour Kit. And it’s just Β£3.50!

The colour of this is almost the exact same as the Myleene Klass one. A perfect grey toned brown, great for giving the illusion of shadow. I have mine in Ultra Fair so I’m not sure about how the other colours are for other skin tones, but this is literally perfect for pale toned people.

On top of having the perfect powder contour colour, you also get a highlighter and blush. The highlighter is gorgeous. Very creamy and blendable, not glittery. Gives the perfect glow!

The blush I’ve not tried yet, it has a gold shimmer to it, I get scared using a shimmery blush, nevermind one that’s tinted with gold! I do prefer to stay Matte with blushers, but I am venturing out into the world of shimmer, just one step at a time. I’m always scared of looking like I’ve dipped my face in glitter! I have swatched this though and I does look and feel very beautiful. Incredibly pigmented,i actually think this would look gorgeous on the eyes!

I really do think you should pick this up, it’s perfect for handbags too and cuts down the products you have to take out! Thanks for reading, sorry I’ve been gone a little while, my internet router broke and I was left with hardly any Internet on my phone! But it’s all good now, so I’ll be posting regular again ❀


17 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt And Contour Kit

  1. I have the same palette in the same shade I love it so much! The highlighter gives the nicest glow πŸ’œ
    I’m a big mua and makeup revolution fan too I’m going to hunt down spring break after seeing it on here!

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