Favourite Makeup Brushes

With Makeup, there’s only so far your hands can take you. To truly make the most of your makeup, you need a good set of brushes. Everyone harps on about having Mac brushes but in reality, good brushes don’t have to cost a fortune. All the ones I’ve picked (except one) are affordable and amazing for the price. So here goes!


I’ll get the high end one out of the way. I’ve had this years and years, I don’t even know if it’s still avaliable. It doesn’t have a name, but it’s an Estee Lauder brush that I use for blush. It grabs the perfect amount and so soft it blends out perfectly!

Now on with the cheaper ones. Real Techniques. Everyone has heard of these, they are avaliable in so many places. I bought these back when I was about 19 I believe and they’re by far the best brushes I’ve used. This one I adore for foundation, the Expert Face Brush. Gives a gorgeous finish which can be full coverage without it being caked on. Out of all the Real Techniques brushes, this is the one I recommend to get if you can only have one.

Another really good brand (and guilt free as their eco friendly) are eco tools. I use this brush to get right in the crease and it also helps with blending out at the same time. It’s the perfect crease brush!

Now is a Myleene Klass. I bought a set off very a while back with a Palette, unfortunately I don’t think this particular set is available anymore. There’s one set available with a makeup bag and 4/5 brushes for £19. Anyway, I use this one for the inner corner highlight. I always think people can go a bit overboard with their highlight because they use a big brush. A small one like this just fits perfectly.

Another Real Techniques! This is the Deluxe Crease Brush. I personally use this for concealer, I’m not a fan of using it in the crease. It’s blends it out amazingly leaving you with the coverage you desire.

Last up is another Myleene Klass. I use this as a blending brush, the bristles are crazy soft, which makes it perfect for the job!

Remember guys, use brushes however you please. I use flat foundation brushes for highlight, the real techniques buffing brush for cream blusher and so on. Do what works best for you! Thanks for reading ❤


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