InstaNatural Vitamin C Facial Toner


So guys, another product from InstaNatural. This one I absolutely adore! They sent me this to review and I was quite excited! I don’t usually use a toner and they tend to dry my skin out so I was a tad nervous.

First off, it’s so hydrating! I put a couple of sprays of this on my face before moisturiser and makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated. I haven’t felt the need to use primer either, literally smooths your skin out amazingly.

I’ve only used this for a couple of weeks and it’s really helped my skin, it’s definitely pore tightening, without making your face feel tight. I highly recommend this. The only thing is the smell again, it sort of smells like bathroom cleaner. But, it doesn’t linger at all. After a 30 seconds the smell has pretty much gone. But even if it did linger, it’d definitely be worth it.

This is avaliable on amazon on sale at the moment! It’s usually £49.95 but on offer for £20.95, which is brilliant. Has anyone else tried this brand before? Let me know ❤


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