Clyppi Nail Clippers Review


I was sent these a few weeks ago to review and I was excited to know what was so special about them!

So they sent me the travel case with the nail and toe nail clippers, individual nail and toe nail clippers and a duo pack 🙂


My favourite was the travel pack of course. There’s been plenty of times I’ve broken a nail whilst out and in need of a clipper to remove the nail without pain! So this will be a staple in my Handbag.

They are so strong and cut really clean and they have such a sleek feel to them.

As much as I love these and they are really good quality, I don’t know if I’d pay just under £10 for just the nail clippers alone. For the travel set you’re looking at just under £20. I do have a coupon code for you guys though for £6 off! Makes them a bargain! Click here & enter the code CLIPJUNE. Expires in a week ❤

Let me know your thoughts! ❤


4 thoughts on “Clyppi Nail Clippers Review

  1. A woman after my own heart:)) Are you being paid to write product reviews here;) I’ve been searching for a legit site. Any suggestions? Thanks. Great writeup and glad you are enjoying the product:))

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      1. Wow! Sweetie – you should get paid for writing…..honest blog post is fine but money talks. Thanks again for your input and wish you continued $ucce$$ – You rock!:)

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