Poundshop Haul

So, I went shopping with my mum today and she treated me to a few bits and bobs, so thought I’d share! I love having a nosy at what other people have bought, these are one of my favourite posts to write!


First of all, I went to their own line. I’ve heard such good things and recently picked up a few bits in my recent haul. So I wanted to try a couple more lip liners and lipsticks. I also picked up a brow pencil.


Next thing is their foundation. I’ve not got high hopes for this and I haven’t read any reviews. But if it’s a good foundation I’ll be over the moon for £1! They also had a great amount of shades!


Last up is their liquid eyeliner. I have read good reviews about this, but swatching on the back of my hand when I got home, didn’t seem great. But I’ll just wait and see. Now, I was very happy to see the next two items! They were a pack of 2 Maybelline Fashion Brow Colouring Mascara. I’ve been after something like this for a while, so I was very happy to see these! Can’t wait to try them out!


I also found a Rimmel eyeshadow palette. I really only picked this up for the purple eyeshadow on the left (even though it doesn’t show up purple) but I’m sure I’ll make use out of the rest.


My last item! I’ve not seen these before, so I wanted to give it a go. The colours look gorgeous for blush and a girl can never have too many!

Bonus ❤



We also nipped into b&m bargains and found this little gem. I’ve been after this for a while but I didn’t know anywhere near me that stocked w7 products. So I was so happy to finally find it! I also got a little brush for 99p but don’t think it’ll be any good. I’ll give it a go and see how it is!

Anyway guys, hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my little haul ❤ remember to always pop in to your Poundshop, there really is some hidden gems in there.


7 thoughts on “Poundshop Haul

  1. W7 are my new fav brand honestly I didn’t expect much for how cheap they were but oh my god pleasantly surprised! I’ve even splurged out on then pore minimising balm and a few lipsticks 🙈🙈 haha great post!!


  2. Great haul,I am in there tomorrow so will see what our can pick up,I want some of their nail polish as I have heard good things about it


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