InstaNatural Scar Gel Review


The one thing a lot of us have but non of us want? Stretch marks. Whether it be through weight gain or pregnancy most of us aren’t happy with them. So when I was chosen to review this product I was super excited!

I gained mine through pregnancy. In reality, I deserved them. I was 8 months pregnant and was slightly cocky at the fact I’d not got any and I didn’t moisturise. But once I hit 8 months, they were coming left right and centre. I got them on my stomach, my legs (I don’t know anyone else who’s got them there!) and my boobs. The ones on my stomach and boobs I’m not too bothered about, but I can’t wear dresses anymore without tights. They’re all down the back. So as you have probably figured out, if this product works I’ll be over the moon!

Let’s get the bad out the way first. The smell. I don’t like it. It’s sort of like gone off tan. I think it’s the green tea you can smell the most and I’m really not a fan of it. The look of it isn’t great either, it’s a brown gel. But once it’s rubbed in, it doesn’t make a difference so it’s nothing to worry about.

So, does it work? I’ve been using this for 11 days and I have noticed a difference! Not a massive one, but I don’t expect miracles and I don’t expect them to just disappear. I think with a little more time using this there will be a lot more difference. I’ll keep you updated! But so far I definitely recommend this product if you can get past the smell.

Don’t forget it’s not just for stretch marks. If for old and new scars too. So if you’ve got anything like that, give this a try!

Thankyou for reading ❀


9 thoughts on “InstaNatural Scar Gel Review

  1. Hey, I got this too! I’m using it on my jawline as I get large lumpy hormone spots that stretch my pores out horribly!

    I didn’t like the smell much either but thankfully it’s not strong and I incorporate it into my normal skin care regime and the other products mask it!


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