Makeup Haul ❤


So I’ve recently been shopping! I went to super drug and £1 shop. I think I spent about £30 Altogether which is for what I picked up is amazing value. So let’s get started!


Makeup Academy were running a special offer of spend £8 and get their 5th Birthday Eyeshadow palette free. So how could I pass that up?! I got 2 blushers, 2 of their Matte lipsticks and 3 of their normal (one in the next picture) and a translucent face power. Except for the lipsticks (excluding matte) I’d never tried any other products. I’ve tested a few out already, so I’m excited to do some reviews! The palette comes with 6 Matte and 6 shimmer and I’ve used them today and they are such good quality!


Next up are the bits I mainly bought from a couple of £1 shops. First the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers. I’ve never tried these before so I’m super excited to give them a go. I’ve heard such good things! As well as that I picked up the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm & 2 Exaggerate Lip liners. I also snagged a blue BarryM Eye Crayon. From the pound shops own makeup line, Makeup Gallery I got a lip liner and cuticle oil (not in the picture). I spotted an NYC high definition liquid eyeliner & a pack of 3 NYC nail polishes(not pictured)


Last up is Makeup Revolution! I had to get my hands of more of their stuff! I’ve been eyeing up this blusher palette for while,in Golden Sugar. My goodness it’s stunning to just look at! My very last purchase is the Matte Effect Cover & Conceal concealer.

So that’s it guys! Plenty of stuff to review and new makeup looks coming soon! Hope you enjoyed reading ❤


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