How To Repair Damaged Hair


I’m an absolute bugger for getting bored with my hair. Whether it’s the style or colour. I’ve been almost every single hair colour. I’m red at the moment as you can see from the picture, but before this I was bleach blonde.

I’ve put my hair through a lot. I went from black to red. Then I went dark brown when I was pregnant, then to bleach blonde. It definitely took its toll and it ended up being like straw. So I’m here to give some tips on how to repair and keep in good condition.

When I first bleached my hair blonde, that was the worst it’s ever been. I had no idea what I was doing! It was falling out in clumps. I never realised the importance of hair masks. These are what have saved my hair. And nothing expensive, I used the Herbal Essence one. You can also go for hot oils which are a life saver too! You need to make sure the one you’re using, and you shampoo and conditioner, are all for damaged hair. Within a few weeks my hair was on the mend! Also if you’re bleaching your hair, make sure you try you’re best to only get the roots. Avoid added damage at all cost!

Get your hair cut! I know it’s a bugger, but you need to get rid of the split ends for your hair to grow more healthy and quicker. I had my hair cut in a pixie bob a few years back and I’d just manged to grow it to shoulder length. Then when I went to the hair dressers they cut it all back off! I was gutted to say the least, but it was worth it as my hair grew so quick and so much more healthy, even with the bleach on top.

If you are dying your hair at the moment, try you’re best to go semi permanent. I’m currently using Hot Shots in Red Chilli which is amazing! It’s £10 and one application so far has lasted me 2 weeks. There’s about 3 more applications in the bottle so far. This hair dye feels like I’ve just slapped conditioner on my hair for 20 minutes. With semi permanent hair dye, there’s a lot less harmful chemicals and also if you’re like me, it’s not a pain to switch colours!

These are all the tips I’ve done since I was 18/19 and my hair has never been in better condition. I don’t believe you need 100 products or £1000 to make your hair soft and shiny. You just have to find what works for you ❤hope this has helped!


12 thoughts on “How To Repair Damaged Hair

  1. Hair masks are so important! I bleached my hair 2 years ago and have since dyed over it dark, but the parts of my hair that were once bleached still need a little TLC


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