Favourite Eyebrow Products


Right now, eyebrows are everything in the beauty industry. They seem to be the first thing people notice about your makeup. So got to make sure they’re looking great!


I have quite a few favourites starting off with the Love Label Eyebrow Palette. I love this! I think I bought this for around £6 off very.co.uk. I don’t believe this is a well known brand but I have come across some real gems! In this palette, you get 4 powders (including 1 highlighter), 3 arch guides, tweezers and a duel ended brush(spoolie & angled brush).
For the money it really is a bargain, I use this on a daily basis to add some warmth to my brows!


Next up is Soap & Glory Archery. Not going into this in too much detail as it’s been mentioned on a previous post a few days/a week ago. I love this, makes for a super quick, defined brow.

The cheapest of the bunch is the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil. Gives a nice defined brow, glides on easily and stays put. I love it!


Now with the high end product, Illamsqua Precision Brow Gel. This stuff is amazing, so worth the money. I use this every day and there’s hardly any product gone! I use this with the Colleen Eyebrow Brush (set off very.co.uk) which makes for the perfect pair. My only issue with this is that it’s cool toned, so I have to use the love label palette to warm my brows up.

So there you have it! Let me know if there’s any brow products you recommend, a girl can never have enough 😉 thanks for reading ❤


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