April Favourites

So another month has flown by! It’s that time again for monthly favourites, one of my favourite posts to write!


So starting off we have a couple of Makeup Revolution products. First up is their blush in Wow! This colour is just perfection. It goes with every skin tone and is perfect for summer. Not too bright, sort of like a bright baby pink. I love it. Next up is a single eyeshadow called Touch Me. I have literally used this every single day I’ve bought it. The perfect matte nude colour. It’s the best shadow Base for every eyeshadow look! A must have for anyone who’s into their neutrals.

Next up is Nails Inc Fizz. I got this free with the Marie Clair magazine (I think) and I’m seriously in love. Any sort of pale pink for nail polish km in love with, this colour is so flattering on anyone and makes me feel so girly! Which can be hard with a lot of tattoos haha.

Next is The Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I’ve rediscovered my love for this brush over the past month or so, usually I use the expert face brush. This can give a flawless Base and can easily be used to build full coverage foundation. Let’s face it though, I haven’t come across a bad Real Techniques brush yet!

Last up of the beauty favourites is MUA Lipstick in Tulip. Now, I was shocked at how bright it was on the lips to begin with! But after a little time to get used to it, it’s my staple colour at the minute. Goes with almost every look I’ve done. I need to get more! They’re only a Β£1 each, such a bargain! And they feel amazing on the lips, not drying at all.

Now a little extra I’m going to include every month is my favourite song/album I’m loving at the minute. Thought it would be a nice little something extra to read πŸ™‚

So my song of the month is You Me At Six – No One Does It Better. I know this has been out for ages and ages but I seriously cannot stop listening to it. It’s a beautiful song.

Anyway guys, hoped you enjoyed reading! Let me know what you’re loving ❀


12 thoughts on “April Favourites

  1. MR blush Wow is really Wow πŸ™‚ a great one like you said and its super cheap:) they have one in the trio palette which is a dupe for Nars orgasm πŸ™‚


  2. Ooh I may just have to try out the eye shadow and lipstick – Β£1 wow what a bargain!

    Haha I loooove No One Does It Better too! I randomly sing this around the house and at work and on the bus home lol! In fact, the whole album is awesome! I think it’s my favourite out of all YM@6’s albums!


    1. You really should! They are amazing, makeup Revolution also do Β£1 lipsticks which I’ve heard good thing about, but not tried yet! And I’m the same haha, it’s one of those that just pops into my head randomly! I do love the album but I’m a complete sucker for Take Off Your Colours!

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      1. I’ll def have to check them out. I’m a bit funny about the really cheap stuff as most of the time they’re, well, in most cases you get what you pay for so its great when you hear good things about them! Hahaha you’ve got the song stuck in my head now! Ahhh Take Off Your Colours, classic YM@6! Some fab songs on that album.

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      2. I totally agree, but there’s a few hidden gems out there! And makeup Revolution are definitely the best budget brand I’ve come across! Haha I’m not sorry because it’s amazing! ;D


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