Makeup Revolution Liquid Eyeliner Review


Right, first of all if you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll know how much I adore this brand.
But, I hate this. It’s not necessarily the formula, because it’s deep black and dries matte, the formula itself is fine. But the applicator on this is what makes it horrible.
I couldn’t get my camera to focus, so I couldn’t get a picture, but it’s a solid, plastic tip, which has a bump of plastic on the end. That tip, is the most uncomfortable thing on your eye, it’s awful. And the plastic tip removes eyeliner if you’re wanting to go over or perfect a bit you’ve already done.

It’s just terrible. I don’t know if I got a bad one, or if all the applicators are like this, but I wouldn’t recommend. It’s very cheap, but I’d rather try something else.
It’s a shame, because I love this brand and I tried to work with it but it wasn’t happening. I couldn’t do a wing or a cat eye with this applicator. It’ll hopefully be the only bad thing from them I come across!

Thanks for reading guys ❀


9 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Liquid Eyeliner Review

  1. Such a shame since the MR brand is not that bad when it comes to eyeshadows and lip products, but i’ve heard many times now that eyeliners and mascaras are just awful 😦


    1. I love everything else I’ve come across! Yet to try their mascaras though. Have to keep away if they’re bad. Such a shame, so hard to find a brand that’s good all round, drugstore and high end.


  2. I recently had to repurchase this as my old one ran out, and when applying my new one I had exactly this problem. I don’t know if they’ve changed something but its awful. I’ve just swapped lids so I still use my old applicator, its so soft, I don’t understand whats happened with the new ones?!


      1. I thought maybe I was just unlucky and picked up the bad one of the bunch but maybe not! Its a shame. I love this eyeliner, maybe if you have an applicator from a different old liner you could use that?!

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