Top 3 Highlighters


Who doesn’t love a good highlighter?! Really have got into my highlighters recently & these are my top 3 favourites so far (in no order).

Benefit High Beam

Ah this gives such a lovely finish. I’m more of a cream highlighter girl & this one is just gorgeous. No shimmer, just a subtle glow that blends perfectly. I think everyone has heard if/tried this so I’ll not go on.

The Body Shop Lightening Touch

I know this is meant for under the eyes, but I really didn’t like it there so I use it on top of the cheeks. Gives a gorgeous pink toned gleam to the face, easily bendable and just amazing! The applicator is an issue but workable. This is quite pricey though, for 3ml it costs £16 which is think is crazily expensive. But if you’re looking for a bit of a splurge, I recommend this.

Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights.

Now on the more affordable price range. This only costs £3! I’ve not had it for long, but the finish on this is gorgeous and I knew it would be a staple. It’s a pink toned highlighter, gives such a natural glow to the skin. I love this so much! And it’s so pretty to look at.

Let me know what you guys are loving!
Thanks for reading ❤


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