Kandy. Colors UK Indie Brand Swatches


I was recently sent some nail polish from the lovely Haydawn at Kandy. Colors, a new UK indie polish brand. Now before we do swatches, this brand is amazing. They have such a variety of colours it’s incredible. They’ve even started selling lipsticks! The polishes are such high quality, incredibly pigmented and dry super quick. Head on over to their Instagram or Website and check them out!

Now, swatches of my most recent polishes, first up is Golden Apple.


This is stunning! A gorgeous light green with a golden shimmer through it. This is 2 coats and no topcoat and it’s just so lovely! The polish is so creamy and amazing to apply. I’ll definitely be wearing this a lot through summer, it’ll go lovely with a tan!

Next up is Satin Blues.


This is by far my favourite out of the polishes I’ve swatched. This is so creamy, amazing pigment and the finish on this is exactly as the name say, Satin. This photo does not do it justice. I can’t wait to make these Matte, I think I’ll fall in love even more! The perfect pearl blue for summer, such a soft gorgeous colour and only 2 coats!

Seriously guys, check this brand out, they’ve got an amazing collection of polishes to choose from!


These are just the few I was lucky enough to swatch and aren’t they just gorgeous?!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, thanks for reading guys! ❤❤


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