Myleene Klass My Eye Colours Palette Review


I own quite a few bits from Myleene Klass and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot. I’m not one to buy into ‘celebrity’ lines, but this was cheap enough so I thought why not.

This palette contains 2 Matte shades and the other 4 are Matte with gold glitter through it. Which is strange. But anyway, they are surprisingly pigmented and blend so well. It’s the perfect palette to take out and about too, it’s not too big at all. It also comes with a little brush, but I don’t use that for eyeshadow.


The only downfall with this (and all other myleene Klass palettes) is the packaging. They break so easy! Either the mirror falls out or the lid of the palette breaks off. Has happened to every one I own. They style is gorgeous and I love the leopard print, but it’s just too cheap!


This is a look a created using the palette (did use a couple makeup Revolution colours too) and I love this. Just very neutral and simple 🙂

Even though it’s broken, I would recommend this palette, the colours are lovely and could easily do a night look too. Very versatile.

Hope you guys like this and if you want more make up looks etc, let me know and I’ll do them 🙂 thankyou for reading ❤


4 thoughts on “Myleene Klass My Eye Colours Palette Review

  1. Wow thanks for this!☺️its a shame about the packaging! Love this blog, It’d mean alot if you checked mine out ☺️ ❤️


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