Budget Face Masks


Everyone loves a good bargain, so thought I’d do a little post about cheap face masks I’ve picked up over the past few months.

First up are the ones I picked up from Super drug, 2 for £3.The Superberry exfoliating Mud Mask is the pink one in the picture. It’s for all skin types and smells amazing! Leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh and instantly looks better after application.
The next from Superdrug is Hydrating Vitamin E Moisture mask. This is a staple for me. It works wonders for my dry skin. The smell is nothing special though. I couldn’t recommend this anymore to anyone that suffers with dry skin. I wouldn’t recommend for oily skin, it’d definitely be too much. For the prices, these are definitely my favourite. I use both together, the exfoliating to remove my dry skin then the moisture mask after. They work amazingly.

Next up is the Creightons Squeaky Clean Pore Pow Wow Face Mask. That’s a gobfull! This is from the Poundshop obviously, for a quid! I raved about the Creightons Moisturiser, but unfortunately this isn’t as good. I don’t like the texture it dries to, it’s kind of like wiping off Moisturiser and just makes me feel gross. It doesn’t refine pores (well not on me anyway). It does on the other hand leave skin feeling super soft, but that’s all. Not the best, but not the worst.

Last up is Rejuvenating Glorious Mud Deep Cleansing Mask. This is from the Poundshop again. I hate this stuff. It makes my face sting so bad that I have to take it off before it dries! A few masks have stung in the past but never as bad as this and I don’t class myself as having sensitive skin either. The only good thing I can say for this mask is that after about the 5 minutes I had it on, my skin did feel a bit tighter as it claims on the packet. But I think people with sensitive skin should give this a miss! Even for a pound, it wasn’t worth it.

Thanks again for reading guys ❤❤ xxx


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