Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes


It’s spring time again, so now we switch to lighter clothes, make up and of course nail polish. (although I think it’s perfectly acceptable to wear pastels all year round!) So thought I’d do a quick post of my top 5 favourite polishes I’ll be wearing through spring.

Going from top left to bottom left is Illamsqua Purity. I love love love this polish. It’s literally the perfect pastel orange and the formula is amazing. I’ve had it for about a month, I can’t even count how many times I’ve worn it!

Up second is Opi Mod About You. This is my number one favourite polish. I’ll wear it all year round! It’s just so girly and perfect, I literally adore it! I’ve already featured this in my top 10 favourite polishes, go check the post if you fancy. But to put it simple, I couldn’t live without this polish!

Next up is BarryM Eat My Dust from the new speedy  quick dry collection. There’s nothing I love more for spring and summer than a gorgeous dusty pale blue. The formula is good, the brush makes the application so easy and the colour is just gorgeous.

Next up is BarryM Coconut. The perfect off white. I’m not brave enough to wear white polish, so this is perfect. Just so fresh for spring and summer and would look gorgeous with a tan! Definitely one of my go to’s, I’m on my second bottle in less than a year!

Another BarryM next (I’m sorry, but they are the best!) Green Berry. Such a stunning colour, which is surprisingly not a pastel! Just a lovely bright green, definitely one of my spring staples. I’m going to need another bottle soon!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the quick post, I’m definitely getting my flare back with blogging, I really have missed it. Remember to go check me out on my instagram if you’re not already following @allthingslacquer ❤❤

thanks for reading guys xxxx


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